This application is designed to improve the user's health and healthy habits.

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Welcome to Health and Wellness Tracker Pro.
This application is designed to improve the user's health and healthy habits.
This application serves several groups of users:
Health-Conscious users who want to track two health-related activities (one healthy, and one unhealthy), provide a status update to the app each day then view reports based on the data. For example, a user can specify a "positive habit such as "jog", or Study, or Run, Walk and a negative habit such as "smoking" or "drinking alcohol" by recording these activities daily, the user can help him/or herself to improve on the positive activity and help reduce the unhealthy activity.
Diabetics and Hypertensive users
Can track your glucose and/or Blood pressure levels and heart rate. You can view the metrics for your Diabetes or Blood pressure using a bar or line chart.
If the values entered are within a threshold the App can send an email/SMS alert to a trusted health provider or Next-of-Kin
When you first run the application you are prompted to sign-up. Note this Sign-up is only created on your local device.
Your information is NOT transferred to any third party. We respect your privacy.
• Track Glucose levels
• Track Blood Pressure levels
• Track Healthy and unhealthy activities
• Scheduled notification to remind you to record your vitals
• Let you know if your Glucose or BP levels are too high
• Help in notifying your health care provider, care provider or Next of kin about unusual levels
• Easy to use



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SpokenBooks Pro allows you focused listening of your favorite audio books. 

Focused audio books for your pleasure, learning and entertainment.
Public Domains and classic books you can listen over and over again.
Simple user interface, easy to find audio books.

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Alpha Slide & Alpha Slide Pro
Alpha Slide Game  Alpha Slide or Alpha Slide Pro is a puzzle game with an amazing ability to improve the mind. What a better way to use your idle times. Install this game and enjoy. 
 This App is clean, No advertisement. Slide the letter to the right, or to the left or up or down, shuffle them to combine into a meaningful word. Adults, Youths, and Children will improve their vocabularies just by playing this game. Do you want a Hint? Have the app speak the word for you. This Game has basic, and advanced levels. Play it you will not be disappointed. Let your friends know about this game. Alpha Slide Pro, this puzzle game will amaze you.
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Worship using the Church Hymnal book with all the inspiring hymns.
Over 700 Hymns with their lyrics, music scores or music sheets and tunes.
You have the ability to create your own Favorite List.
Share Lyrics via Emails or other Apps.
Play the Music scores with the piano, or other musical instruments.
Worship the Lord the right way with this wonderful App.

We respect your privacy.
Please read our Privacy policy at your convenience.

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