Worship CompanionWelcome to Worship Companion

This App was designed to enhance your worship service to the Lord. It includes Thousands of songs, with music.

+ Local search of specific song in Hymn book
+ Sync your beloved Favorites and Notes to our server (this allows you to restore your data)
+ Create personal Notes or Meditation per Song.
+ Listen to the music tunes
+ Add to Favorites+ Create your own worship program
+ Global search of titles in all available hymn book.

You can also add Notes or meditations as you are being inspired by the songs you are reading or listening to. Worship directors,  Choir leaders; this App gives you the ability to create your own worship program.
Thousands of worship songs, hymns, lyrics and tunes at your fingertips. This app allows you to read the lyric of the songs, so you can worship God at church.  You can listen to the Tunes and learn new songs.

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