Donnez-lui gloire contient les grands hymnes du passé. Hymnes Chretiene et adventistes du septième jour Hymnes combinés. Cette application est une nécessité pour tous les chrétiens.
Lives: Donnez-Lui Gloire
Hymnes Chretienne Traditionelle
1) Trier la liste des chansons par ordre alphabétique ou trier par numéro de morceau
2) Recherche chanson de tout le catalogue de livre ou de livre spécifique.
3) Jouer Tune ou audio des paroles de chanson.
4) Partagez le Lyric par e-mail ou les médias sociaux
5) Créez votre liste préférée en ajoutant aux favoris

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SDA Hymnal with Tunes  

This App contains the standard hymns for Seventh Day Adventist Church for your worship.
+ Lyrics and Tunes for all the SDA Hymns
+ a Total of about 3300+ hymns and Tunes.
+ Lyrics and Tunes for all the SDA Hymns
+ Hymns in English, Spanish, and French
+ Global Search: Allows you to search a song's title across multiple books.
+ Save to Favorites: Create your favorite list of hymns.
+ Send a song via Email
+ Sort hymns list by number or title.
+ Download and Listen to music Offline.
This App is available From: Google Play Store, Apple AppStore, Amazon AppStore, Windows App Store

SDA Hymnal and Tunes Pro,
This Ads free version of the App is even more special. It contains all the Hymns, music of the Free version without advertising. In addition, it provides Favorite song list synchronization feature, this means, if you have 2 or more Android devices, all you have to do is login with the same Google email account on both devices you will be able to synchronize your favorite song list. Also you will no longer lose your favorite song list if you reset or wipe your device.

List of currently supported Hymn books:
Contemporary Hymns (English)
SDA Hymnals (English)
Church Hymnals (English)
Hymnes et Louange (French)
Himnario 2010 (Spanish)
Himnos 1962 (Spanish)

Enjoy and God bless you.


Holy Bible Companion Holy Bible Companion or (Compagnon de la Sainte Bible en francais) has been designed to help you pursue your goal of developing a true relationship with Jesus-Christ and immerse yourself in His word.
This Bible App contains the written Word of God in multiple version formats, and multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish and Creole.
A daily devotional to keep you grounded in the word. When I use the other Bible Apps, I always felt something was missing. I have developed this App to be easy to use. it gives you abilities to:

    • Save your favorite verses.
    • Continue your reading where you left off.
    • Instant Verse, to activate your reading interest.
      and more features to come.
      The following Bible versions are included in the App.
    • King James Version (KJV)
    • American Standard Version (ASV)
    • Bible in Basic English (BBE)
    • Webster's Bible (WBT)
    • Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
    • Louis Segond 1910 (LSG)
    • Las Segradas Escrituras (LSE)
    • Bib La, en Creole
    • New International Version (NIV)
    • La Bible David Martin 1744
    • New International Reader's Version
    • American Standard Version (2014 edition) ASV
    • La Bible Ostervald 1996
    • La Bible de Darby 1890 (DBY)
    • International Children Bible
    • La Santa Biblia Reina Valera
      and more...

The app contains all 9 hymn books and One bonus English Hymn book:
ChanChants D'Esperance with Tunests D'Esperance, Melodies Joyeuse, Reveillons-Nous, La Voix du Reveil, Haiti Chante Avec Radio Lumiere, Echo Des Elus, Gloire à l'Agneau, Reveillons-nous Chretiens, L'Ombre du Reveil.
+Easy to use and Optimized for all your Smartphones and Tablets
+ Listen to the Tune of some Lyrics, Music can be downloaded for offline listening too.
+ Send or share Lyrics via Emails
+ Add to Favorites, You can create your own favorite list of songs/lyrics. 

In addition to one bonus traditional hymn book in English, the App showcases all 9 hymn books in French and Creole: Chants D'Esperance, Mélodies Joyeuse, Reveillons-Nous, La Voix du Réveil, Haiti Chante Avec Radio Lumière, Echo Des Elus, Gloire a l'Agneau, Reveillons-nous Chrétiens, L'Ombre du Réveil.

Other Features include: Chants D'Esperance with Tunes provides you access to all the lyrics of the songbook Chants D'Esperance.
Some Tunes are also included with the Lyrics so you can learn and help you worship. As new books, lyrics or tunes become available, you can update the App catalog.

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Get the PRO for Windows 10

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Chants D'Esperance for Android
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Methodist Hymn LyricsGet to know Methodist Hymn Lyrics App.  

Share a lyric title using your favorite Social Network.
+ Send a lyric from the App to your Email.
+ Add to favorite:  You have the ability to create your own list of favorite songs.
+ Easy navigation from the listing of the songs to the lyrics.
Methodist Hymn Lyrics app is designed to enhance your worship service, and your devotion to the Lord by making available the Public domain version of the Wesleyan Methodist hymn lyrics, and other Methodist hymn books.
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