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Did you Know? Worship and Praise Lyrics

Advance Search capabilities

With the IOS version of Worship and Praise Lyrics, you can find a song by searching for any text in the entire song. This is great if you only know a word, or a sentence, or part of the song, but not the title. You can simply turn On "Search entire song"  Worship and Praise Lyrics will search all the books for the song... then provide you with a list.  

Includes Music Player:

The IOS (Apple)  version of Worship and Praise Lyrics also include a nice Music player based on the selected book. So you enjoy listening to the music included with the songs. 

We plan to include these beautiful features to the Android, Windows version of the App.  



 Worship and Praise Lyrics app, is available on all the major App Store platforms.  Google Play Store, ITunes (Apple) Store, Windows Store, Amazon App Store.

We make sure you can use this app regardless of your preferences. Worship and Praise Lyrics is our flagship worship App. It is the developer's preferred App. So you can imagine,  the many enhancements we are adding to it.

Come here often to learn about new features of this App. We will highlight the differences between the apps in the many platforms.