AlphaSlide Pro

Alpha Slide is a puzzle game with an amazing ability to improve the mind. What a better way to use your idle times, with Alpha Slide.  Install it Today.

Chants D'Esperance

Chants D'Esperance With Tunes has more than 1 Million downloads accross all 4 major mobile platforms. All of the hymns and musics from the standard book.

SDA Hymnal

This App contains the standard hymns for Seventh Day Adventist Church for your worship. A Total of about 3900+ hymns and Tunes. 

The Church Hymnal

Worship using the Church Hymnal book with all the inspiring hymns.
Over 700 Hymns with their lyrics, music scores or music sheets and tunes.

Health & Wellness

This application is designed to improve the user's health and healthy habits.  Diabetics and Hypertensive users Can track your glucose and/or Blood pressure levels and heart rate

Holy Bible Companion

Here is your companion of the Holy Bible. It was designed to help you pursue your goal of developing a true relationship with Jesus-Christ and immerse yourself in His word.

Hymnes Et Louanges

With Hymns and Praise with Tunes you now can read the lyrics of "Hymnes et Louanges" song Book in French, English and Spanish
Get this App today.

MediaStream app

Enjoy Full-length free Movies and Videos from many public Domain sources. Some memorable Great movies from the past. Install this app now

Methodist Hymn

Methodist Hymn Lyrics app is designed to enhance your worship service, and your devotion to the Lord by making available the Public domain version of the Wesleyan Methodist hymn lyrics, and other Methodist hymn books.

Methodist Hymn Lyrics

Sur Les Ails de la Foi

The popular Christian hymn book (Sur les Ailes de la Foi) is now available at the tip of your hand with this App. All the Hymns lyrics, the musics are now at your reach. Worship the Lord with all the beautiful hymns of On The Wings of Faith.

AmazedMaze Pro

Amazing Maze game. Relax, and Solve each Maze challenge. Move your device Left or Right or Up, Down, Move the ball through the Maze to reach HOME. 

Christian Music sheets

Music sheets, scores and tunes for Christian musician and choirs and worshipers.
Enhance your worship services with Christian Music Sheets and Tunes App. Thousands of Music scores, sheets, and tunes. 

Worship and Praise Lyrics

Worship and Praise Lyrics is brought to you by Eznetsoft /SamJocelyn. It is a dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ. This App is brought to the Christian community to help them Worship using the standard hymns.More than 4,700 Great Songs and music for your daily Worship.

JEM & Evangelical Hymns

The beloved hymns of JEMs and other french gospels, more than 3,000 at the palm of your hands. Worship the Lord comfortably with this App. It also includes an English version of Traditional and Popular Hymns along with the music.

WordX Game

WordX is more than a game. It challenges your mind. It is a learning tool, it improves your vocabulary. It includes pronunciation of words. You are learning as you play this game. You will become a spelling expert by the time you complete all the levels in this game

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